2016-17 Elected Candidate Applications are Available!

If you are interested in unifying groups, speaking up about issues at hand, or want to create fun and spirited activities, consider serving on the ASB Leadership team as a representative on one of the three bodies of student leadership. Look below for list of positions and available applications. Follow this link to the Applications page.

Applications are available here or in the Leadership Office in the cafeteria.

Leadership Job Descriptions 2016 – 17

Class Leadership

application – 15 class treasurer, secretary, deputy (Available in early March 2016)

Executive Team Applications

application – 16 class president,

vice president application 16

application 16 asb pres, vp, service, publicity

Application for Executive Team Appointed (Available in early March 2016)

Student Senate Applications

Application – 16 school board rep

application – 16 BSEP, SSC


Holiday Meal 2015

Thank you to the BHS Community!
The Holiday Meal is an event that allows for the intrinsic altruism of our community to shine. With over 300 guests and over 300 volunteers, the energy in the building was extremely positive. We also did our best to make the best of what was left from the meal. Leftover food was delivered to the Harrison House and to the All Souls Church. Five bins of food were picked up by the Alameda County Food Bank. Unclaimed clothing has been brought to a local Goodwill. It is an understatement to say that this was a team effort to make the Holiday Meal such a success.Big thanks go out to the Mayumi Rubin-Saika, current Chief of Service, was the organizer of the meal She raised the level of organization and community contributions. Thanks also to Tom Watts, for leading the charge in the kitchen. Gitara “G” Spinks, BHS Head Chef, also played a huge part in the kitchen and delivering the food to the Harrison House. Thank you also to all of the cooks that prepped the pasta dishes and the soup cart.

The following businesses contributed to the meal: Andronico’s, Trader Joe’s, Cheeseboard, ACME Bread, Monterrey Market, and The Dorothy Day House contributed to the toiletry drive hosted by the BHS Homeless Support Club.

Local families also gave many prepared turkeys, hams and other tasty dishes. Thank you to the contributing families: Betts, Lakireddy, Thomason, Goldstein, Hart, Grubb, Bigelow-Teller, Schonberg, Akiyama, Dorward, Hummel, Lee, Goldman, Wild, Rubin-Saika, Rowland, Sawyer, Katz, Stevens, Meuris, Love, Ehrengerger, Citragno, Truskier, Scheuer, Sherman, Aaron, Weber, Beeman, Suttie, Arbitblit, Smith, Elowitz, O’Keefe, Stralka, Havilan, Eccles, Levitch, Gross, Brosgart, Luevano, Marston, Ratto, Duignan, Wilkins, Casado, Gottlieb, Jacobs, Galbraith, Jeanneau, Fichtenkort, Tezza, Wrubel, Kramp, Galbraith, Johnson, Ambrose, Cohen, Waters, Reichert, Sharma Prunet, Mahar, Maurer, Lerner, Richmond, Alladin, Evans, Omori, Zukor, Waters, Waldman, Davenport, LaFetra, Drinkwater, Sperber, Takaro, Ambrose, Haug, Berger, Reed, Wallin, Williams, Major, Soe, Lamb, Anscher, Choy, Slemp among other anonymous donors!

AND a big thanks to the 300-plus volunteers who showed up during the two days. You contributed over 700 hours of total volunteer time. This could not be done without your help! If you need documentation for service hours, include Mr. V as the contact person for your service hours.

Berkeley High Holiday Dinner 2015 Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/53901376@N04/albums/72157662351610355

Berkeley High Holiday Dinner 2015 Video (4 minutes): https://vimeo.com/148767481
If you can’t wait until next year’s Holiday Meal, consider looking up the hours and dates of a local soup kitchen to volunteer. (St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley)

BHS’s Th!nk B!g a Success

Berkeley High’s Think Big took place on Thursday, November 19th. Modeled after TED Talks, it had an impressive array of speakers covering some of today’s major issues. This event was an Associated Student Body (ASB) fundraiser.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.21.21 PM

Speakers and their topics include:

Mick Gardner Restorative Justice

Eli Cooper (2015 Alumni) Spread the Word to End the Word

John Villavicencio Decline of the Hip Hop Radio DJ

Dave Stevens Evaluating Student Data

Albrey Brown (2009 Alumni) Diversity in the Tech Industry

Dacher Keltner The Science of Happiness

Chayla Fisher Overcoming Hardships

Alecia Harger (2018) Racism & Race Relations at BHS

Kadijah Means (2015 Alumni) Combating Anti-Blackness

Kad Smith Civic Engagement
Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.20.24 PM

For videos of the individual talks, please click the link:

Albrey Brown: https://vimeo.com/146476121

Dave Stevens: https://vimeo.com/146476147

Eli Cooper: https://vimeo.com/146476164

John Villavicencio: https://vimeo.com/146501636

Alecia Harger: https://vimeo.com/146502972

M. Mick Gardner: https://vimeo.com/146511571

Chayla Fisher: https://vimeo.com/146522266

Dacher Keltner: https://vimeo.com/146521875

Kadijah Means: https://vimeo.com/146511676

Kad Smith: Unfortunately the last speaker was cut short due to a fire alarm on the campus causing an evacuation. A record of the presentation is soon to come.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.22.29 PM

To see more photos of the event click the link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/53901376@N04/albums/72157660699576577



Just in Time for the Holidays, New Jacket Gear!

Update your wardrobe and that of your friends and family by purchasing Jacket Gear. Any purchase directly supports ASB Leadership and their activities for the rest of the school. Look good, feel good!

Cash or checks payable to “BHS ASB”. Orders and money can be dropped off at BHS or mailed with item name and number, size, and any personalizations (items with ‘pz’ only) to Mr. V before Thanksgiving.

Mr. V


Berkeley High School

re: BHS ASB Jacket Gear

1980 Allston Way

Berkeley, CA 94704

(Click on the image below for a closer look)


Unity Week Theme Days & Student vs. Staff activities

Unity Week is a celebration of what it means to be a part of this one, big red & gold family of over 3,400 awesome people. All week there will be theme dress-up days as well as Student vs. Staff competitions during lunch. Points are awarded for each competition and will culminate in the awarding of the Unity Week Championship Trophy to either the STUDENTS or the STAFF. Sign up at lunch tomorrow on the Community Theater steps…

Check out the flyers to see the theme days to get your outfits ready and then see if there are any activities you can sign up for.

PAJAMA DAY: On Monday, October 26, jam out in your jammies. Folks, we’re talking about PJ’s, so please keep the lingerie or boxer short-style sleepwear in the closet. See you at the Pajama Jammy Jam Fashion Show for prizes on the Community Theater Steps (BCT) at lunch.

HIPPIE DAY: On groovy Tuesday, October 27, put on your bell bottoms and tie-dye for peace and love. It you want to look like Jimi, Janis, Bob or other flower children, please make sure to wear a t-shirt under that suede vest. Check out the peace party with face paint, hula hoops and more on the BCT Steps at lunch.

SAFARI DAY: On Wednesday, October 28, tap into your inner spirit animal by wearing your favorite animal print. We love lions, tigers, and bears, but, oh my, please no masks. Hope to see you all exploring the campus during our all-day animal scavenger hunt.

DECADES DAY: On Thursday, October 29, there are two decades of amazing fashion for you to choose from. Shoulder pads, flashy neon, big hair, acid wash jeans, gold jewelry, hi top fades, hi top sneakers among many totally radical choices. See you on the BCT steps at lunch for photo’s, fun, and a karaoke song battle.

UNI-TEAM DAY: On our final day of Unity Week, Friday, October 30, let’s come together as one, big “uni-team” by wearing your BHS team jerseys or other team uniform. Just like the rest of the week, please make sure to keep your clothing school appropriate. See you at the campus green for one, big team photo at lunch, among other games and activities.

UNITY WEEK 2015! activity

Big Ideas to be Shared at Th!nk B!g

Leadership is organizing an event called “Berkeley High Think Big” and we are seeking a roster of engaging, dynamic speakers to present big ideas. The goal of this event is to allow students, staff, and a few outside community members to share their research or interesting observations with a large audience.

On Thursday, Novemeber 19, speakers will present their ideas on everything from the most appropriate application of big data to the science of happiness, as well as the decline of the radio deejay and the importance of teaching coding within communities of color. Th!nk B!g will bring back recent BHS alum as well as great friends of the BHS community to the Berkeley Community Theater.

Don’t miss out on a chance to TH!NK B!G!

A list of speakers will be available soon.

Secure your ticket online at:


  • GENERAL $5
  • V.I.P. Supporter $50 (Includes front row seat, Th!nk B!g t-shirt, and a special place in our heart)