2017-18 ASB Leadership Team

ASB Leadership is a collective student voice composed of a diverse body of student leaders. Our mission is to create a more positive and engaging experience at Berkeley High School through civic engagement, community building, sustainability, social events, and positive staff-student relations.

Please contact John Villavicencio, Director of Student Activities, for more information about leadership or to get in contact with one of the student representatives.

Email: johnvillavicencio@berkeley.net

Leadership Office: 510.644.8990

Executive Team

Mai Li – ASB President
Cameron – ASB Vice President
Adrien – ASB Treasurer / Chief of Fundraising
Simelia – ASB Secretary / Chief of Staff
Nishat – Chief of Service
Elan – Chief of Publicity
Ike – Chief of Publicity
Genevieve – Chief of Social Activities
Maybelle – Chief of Clubs and Organizations
Paavani – Commissioner of the Arts
Elena – Commissioner of Health & Athletics

Ella – Commissioner of Environmental Sustainability
Robert – Commissioner of Elections
Solomon – Commissioner of Multicultural Affairs
Joey – Commissioner of Technology


Student Senate

Uma – School Board Student Representative
Abby – School Site Council Representative
Teoman – School Site Council Representative
Junwei – School Site Council Representative
Arvin – School Site Council Representative
Gaurav – BSEP Representative
Tegan – BSEP Representative
Mateo – BSEP Representative


Class of 2018 Senior Leadership

Winston – Senior Class President
Shahada – Senior Class Vice President
Tara – Senior Class Treasurer
Kyla – Senior Class Secretary
Kira – Senior Class Deputy
Kendra – Senior Class Deputy

Esme – Senior Class Deputy
Molly – Senior Class Deputy
Luisana – Senior Class Deputy
Abigail – Senior Class Deputy
Manon – Senior Class Deputy
Alex – Senior Class Deputy

Class of 2019 Junior Leadership

Lillian – Junior Class President
Melina – Junior Class President
Lauren – Junior Class Secretary
Ceara – Junior Class Treasurer
Allyn – Junior Class Deputy
Eli – Junior Class Deputy
Sarah – Junior Class Deputy
Remalehua – Junior Class Deputy
Bernebas – Junior Class Deputy
Maliyah – Junior Class Deputy
Erykah – Junior Class Deputy
Zadie – Junior Class Deputy
Braelyn – Junior Class Deputy
Samantha – Junior Class Deputy
Ruofeng – Junior Class Deputy

Class of 2020 Sophomore Leadership

Lexie – Sophomore Class President
Avaani – Sophomore Class Vice President
Maliha – Sophomore Class Treasurer
Maggie – Sophomore Class Secretary
Isabel – Sophomore Class Deputy
John – Sophomore Class Deputy
Daphne – Sophomore Class Deputy
Georgia – Sophomore Class Deputy
Yasmeen – Sophomore Class Deputy
Alexandra – Sophomore Class Deputy
Sonya-mia – Sophomore Class Deputy
Samuel – Sophomore Class Deputy

Class of 2021 Freshman Leadership

Connor W – Freshman Class Deputy
Lucy I – Freshman Class Deputy
Ava Z – Freshman Class Deputy
Aila W – Freshman Class Deputy
Rohini C- Freshman Class Deputy
Berenice H – Freshman Class Deputy
Lena O- Freshman Class Deputy
Kieran S – Freshman Class Deputy
Nora F – Freshman Class Deputy
Naomi M – Freshman Class Deputy
Eszter M – Freshman Class Deputy
Mexica O – Freshman Class Deputy
Damon M – Freshman Class Deputy
Safiya O – Freshman Class Deputy
Abigail P – Freshman Class Deputy
Kaya D – Freshman Class Deputy
Jesse K – Freshman Class Deputy
Minh Khai S – Freshman Class Deputy
Eliot S – Freshman Class Deputy
Noa T Freshman Class Deputy
Helena B – Freshman Class Deputy
Kaya K – Freshman Class Deputy
Devin F – Freshman Class Deputy
Delilah L – Freshman Class Deputy
Bella N – Freshman Class Deputy

Berkeley High School Development Group (BHSDG) – BHSDG is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 1991 by a group of parent volunteers to ensure the quality and excellence of Berkeley High School. In 2014-15, BHSDG managed over $500,000 in donations and other revenues. With these funds, BHSDG was able to make grants for a wide range of equipment and educational enrichment opportunities.

Berkeley Schools Excellence Project (BSEP) – As a community response to school funding shortages in the wake of Proposition 13, the Berkeley Schools Excellence Project (BSEP) has made a huge difference in the quality of our children’s education.

Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD) – The overarching committee of elected board members that makes decisions on district related issues.

School Site Council (SSC) –  In the Berkeley Unified School District, each school has a School Governance Council (though the high school operates slightly differently, see below) which combines the responsibilities of the state-mandated School Site Councils (such as writing the School Plan and allocating certain state funds directed to schools) as well as the duties of looking at all school spending including BSEP Site Funds, a portion of special local funds that go directly to school sites.