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  • the club/organization is required to create an account with the BHS Bookkeeper for any deposits and savings. Once your club is registered, please establish a n

Student clubs and groups have many options for planning a fundraiser on campus or in the community. Traditionally, BHS has featured bake sales where student groups prepare food at home and sell the baked goods at home. Student Clubs are no longer allowed to sell items baked at home. There are  California guidelines that only apply to food that is sold during school hours. In honor of these guidelines which seek to maintain a healthy eating environment at school, we will prohibit certain items from being sold on campus during school hours. The school year of 2015-16 will be the first year that this new policy will be implemented. Click here for the full list of guidelines.

Below are a list of food that we would recommend being sold for lunch hours.

In order to host a simple fundraiser during lunch at BHS in either the c-gallery or near the Community Theater Steps, you will need to come into the leadership office to complete the Bake Sale Request form.

In order to host a more complicated fundraiser (ex: car wash, walk-a-thon, or evening event), you will need to have your BHS faculty sponsor complete the online Facility Request form.


BHS green event planning This guide was developed by the BHS Green Team to help student groups plan low-zero waste events.

Student clubs should review the Fundraising presentation to get a better idea of how to raise money on campus.

Nonprofit status:

Berkeley Unified School district is a public agency, not a non-profit corporation. However, the district has a tax-exempt status because of IRS Code Section 115 for Government organizations and United Staes Master Tax Guide Section 1061 for a local government. Berkeley Unified School District tax ID number is 9x-xxxxxxxx. Please email Mr. Villavicencio for a copy of the form if you are a student club or other BHS-affiliated group.