Other Leadership Opportunities

ASB Leadership offers a great opportunity to get involved with school activities, policies, and operations. Although there are roughly 100 positions on leadership, we often receive more applicants than can be accepted for the various teams. With this in mind, please review the following leadership opportunities available on campus and in the community.

  1. Be a leader in the classroom. Anticipate needs, be kind, collaborate with others, be curious with others, and above all, be great in whatever way your greatness shows!
  2. Start a club. See Student Clubs page for more details.
  3. Join SLC Leadership for any one of the small learning communities (SLC). Contact the Lead Teacher of each SLC for more details.
  4. Join Link Crew, a yearlong freshman mentoring program hosted by junior and senior Link Leaders. See the Link Crew page for more details.
  5. Become a member of Youth & Government at the Berkeley YMCA Teen Center. See the Teen Center website for more details.
  6. Join the Leadership Academy at the MLK Jr. Freedom Center in Oakland. See the Freedom Center website for more details.
  7. Apply to join the City of Berkeley Youth Commission. See the Youth Commission website for more details.
  8. If none of these interest you, contact the Director of Student Activities for other possibilities.