Cap & Gown Info

Achievers Inc. is the preferred vendor of Berkeley High School. Please contact them to order a cap, gown, and tassel for the graduation ceremony in June.

Graduation orders can be placed at any time online, by phone or by mail. Achievers Inc. handles orders for just the cap and gown as well as rings, announcements, grad swag and even graduation packages. Cap & gowns are traditionally worn at an in-person graduation. Consider using a cap & gown for senior portraits, graduation pictures, at home celebrations as well as any of graduation activities to be confirmed in the spring.

Online:  (password bhs510)

Phone: 408.441.7200 Monday – Friday   9:00 am – 4:00 pm (English/Spanish)

Mail: Achievers Inc., 877 Commercial Street, San Jose, CA 95112

Details on Cap & Gowns Caps and gowns will be shipped directly to your desired shipping address.

  1.   Seniors will have their choice of color, red or gold, at the time of purchase. 
  2.   Each gown is marked with the student’s name, but be sure that you have all items in your package.
  3.   Purchased caps and gowns are individuals’ to keep and do not need to be returned. 
  4.   Decorations can only be applied to the top of the cap.  


Cap, Gown, & Tassel Loaner Program Achievers Inc. and BUSD have agreed to begin a loaner program for cap, gown, and tassel loaner for seniors to wear during the commencement ceremony. Please understand that per Berkeley Unified School District’s (BUSD) requirements, this cap, gown, and tassel, must be returned immediately following the ceremony. Under Ed Code section 48904, failure to return each of these three items (cap/gown/tassel) may result in the student’s diploma being held by BUSD and not being issued until the District has received payment for these items. In order to set up a loaner, please visit and enter the code bhs510 You will select “Loan” after logging into the website. Please return your loaner cap, gown and tassel immediately following the ceremony. If you forget to return your loaner cap, gown, and tassel after graduation ends, please return these items to the registrar’s office at BHS the following week. The deadline to request a LOANER cap & gown is March 1st of any calendar year.