Senior Portraits


Prestige Portraits by Lifetouch will take senior portraits on the BHS campus two more times after taking portraits during the summer. The second round starts September 18 and the third round starts November 27th. The appointments will take place in the East Gallery of the Community Theater with the best entrance from the main courtyard area across from the cafeteria. Emails from Prestige Portraits will be sent out 14 days prior to your appointment with your date and time. If you need to reschedule or have not gotten an email by that time, please reach out to

*Reminder* BHS Students must use Prestige Portraits to have their senior portrait appear in the yearbook. LifeTouch will provide the dress, tuxedo, or cap & gown for your yearbook portrait. If you select multiple backgrounds or outfits, please bring more outfits as desired to your session. If you are unable to take a portrait, your school photo will be included in the yearbook.

Please call 877.825.7922 for any questions regarding portraits. All senior portraits must be taken with Prestige Portraits before Winter Break in order to appear in the BHS Yearbook. Proofs will be mailed home.