Leadership adopts a resolution for an inclusive community

ASB Leadership voted unanimously to adopt a resolution to demonstrate their values and beliefs in an inclusive community. The resolution will serve as a guide for planning and as a signal of a welcoming environment to all within the BHS community. The resolution is also a response to


“The Berkeley High School (BHS) Associated Student Body  Leadership Team stands in solidarity with all students targeted by the actions of the new federal administration in their first days in office. The policies of this new administration are ones of hate and discrimination; they go against every principle of diversity and inclusion that our campus and community represents. At BHS, we welcome students regardless of their immigration status, religion, race, sexual orientation, or gender. At BHS, no aspect of your identity or background diminishes your right to equitable opportunities in education and in life. As students, we vow to take a stand against these unconscionable acts of hate and oppression. We will stay true to our values and will strive to hold safe spaces for all students and staff.”