Academic Achievement Awards 2016

Academic Achievement Awards 2016

As we reach the midpoint of the school year, it’s a great time to recognize and celebrate those individuals making great strides in education, either as learners or educators. It is the hope that this acknowledgement is a springboard to reach for even higher goals and further success.

We invite you to celebrate along with us at the Academic Achievement Awards ceremony of students and staff members selected by each learning community at BHS. There will be a ceremony with each person getting their moment in the spotlight while hearing words to affirm their achievement. We will also feature guest speakers and maybe a few words from student winners.

Thank you!!!

Chaltu Rashid, Commissioner of Achievement


***Apologies for any audio issues during any of the performances or speeches.


2016 Award winners

Compassionate Achiever

A student who earns at least a 3.0 and always helps out their classmates. This student is a good listener, takes the time to interact with others and understands other perspectives. They are inclusive and friendly with all of their classmates, respectful for others, supportive of others, courteous and appreciative of their teachers and classmates.

  • Emily Gentry BIHS
  • Jose Manuel Hernandez AC
  • Na’eem Rom Mack Frazier BIHS
  • Angie Fike CAS
  • Jessica Wahl AC
  • Kimora Ashby BTA
  • Monserrat Garcia Gonzalez NEWCOMER
  • Humberto Marquez-Ibarra AHA
  • Rosie Cox AMPS
  • Guadalupe Wright ISP

A Leader At Heart

A student who may not be in a leadership position, but should be. They are role models for their peers in the classroom because they motivate and inspire other students.

  • Valeria Garcia AC
  • Arrion Peters-Ward AC
  • Rebeca Torres BIHS
  • Mahal Bryant CAS
  • Annie Stonebarger AC
  • Alaunte Keys BTA
  • Derixon Larios Rosales NEWCOMER
  • Marbella Hernandez AHA
  • Kelly Perymon AMPS
  • Isaiah Tapia ISP

Scholar Athlete

A student athlete who balances their commitment to sports and academics successfully, but always has academics as their top priority.

  • Jamir Thomas AHA
  • Xinavane Foreman BIHS
  • Jamiera Ganner CAS
  • Jalen Amos AC
  • Jerrell Gates BTA
  • Barasa Kamateh NEWCOMER
  • Sarah Marlin AHA
  • Brandon Bailey AMPS
  • Psasha Borden ISP

Advancing Leader

A student who has improved their grade by one full GPA point or are now over 3.0. They are proactive and seek help when they need it or take advantage of the help that is already there.

  • Kristian Manning AHA
  • Alex Mendoza-Cordero AC
  • James “Jack” Faller BIHS
  • Antwan Hunt CAS
  • Adriana Maciel Metal AC
  • Daezhanay Daniel BTA
  • Kaila Jenkins AHA
  • Maritza Garcia Alvarado NEWCOMER
  • Melissa Solano Hernandez AMPS
  • Freesia Motley ISP

Community Leader

A student who is active in the community. They are making a positive impact with service projects inside and/or outside of school.

  • Ali Houweidi AMPS
  • Julia Pew BIHS
  • Naomi Pio CAS
  • Emara Shabir AC
  • Mariah Charles BTA
  • Erykah Rodriguez NEWCOMER
  • Elijah Tapia AHA
  • Enrique Baeza AMPS
  • Manal Nasser ISP

Acclaimed Educator

A staff person who has made a positive impact on the lives of students and is passionate about their role in education. They inspire students to reach for loftier goals.

  • Christie Riedell SPECIAL EDUCATION
  • Amanda Moreno BIHS
  • Eddie Estrada CAS
  • Mendel Chernack AC
  • Aaron Ward BTA
  • Daniella Maaze Merschdorf NEWCOMER
  • Devon Brewer AHA
  • Diane Kung AMPS
  • Tiffany Williams ISP

Acclaimed Academic Supporter

A classified staff person who has made a positive impact on the lives of students and is passionate about their role in education.  They inspire students to reach for loftier goals.

  • Erica Johnson BTA

Academic Achievement Awards
Thursday, December 15
Little Theater