The Importance of Leadership

By Rosie Ward

By definition, leadership is “the action of leading a group of people or an organization”. Other dictionary sources define leadership as “the position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group”. These definitions are correct, but my years in leadership have taught me that leadership is far more than these surface-level definitions.


I first became interested in leadership in middle school. My family had just moved from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia to Berkeley, California. I wanted to learn more about my new town and school so I joined the School Governance Council.


In the SGC meetings I did learn more about my school and town. However, I was also given a taste of what leadership was like. I suddenly loved the sense of having the ability to make change. I was able to share my opinions and thoughts with various faculty and teachers. This inspired me; I had a voice.


So, when I graduated from middle school and became a Berkeley High freshman, I applied to be part of the ASB freshman leadership team. To my delight, my application was accepted and I became a class deputy.  As a deputy, I now have the ability to voice an opinion on topics regarding dances, events, school-wide decisions, and much more.


As a part of ASB Leadership I have the chance to share my opinions and see those opinions make a direct change. This is why standard leadership definitions don’t say enough- they don’t mention a leader’s ability to create change.


Applications are now available for appointed leadership positions and available in the Leadership Office. Appointed positions include Chief of Clubs and Organizations, Chief of Social Activities, ASB Secretary, ASB Treasurer, Resident DJ, Commissioner of the Arts, Commissioner of Health and Athletics, Commissioner of Elections, Commissioner of Environmental Sustainability, Commissioner of Achievement, Commissioner of Multicultural Affairs, and Commissioner of Technology. Applications are also open for class treasurer, class secretary, and class deputy.


Leadership is a course everyone should consider joining. Having the ability to make school decisions is an incredible opportunity. Apply for 2016-2017 leadership positions!