Student Bulletin Week of January 4th part 2

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Week of January 4th part 2
Statement about the January 6th Violence in the U.S. Capitol
Berkeley High represents many things great about public education. 
What we do not represent nor support are the white supremacist views and white privilege that continues to suppress the advancement of all people. While what took place in Washington D.C. yesterday can be described with various names like coup, insurrection, or by the less aware as a a protest, it was all of those things masquerading as a desire to resist giving up white supremacist control. There is a rising consciousness taking place in the hearts and minds of most young people, a change happening in this country that threatens those who wish to hold onto the power that is brought to them by a system built on white supremacy. Wednesday white supremacy took the form of storming a federal building, but today it could resemble something much more acute. At this point in time, silence is no longer acceptable. When you see something, say something or learn how to speak up by asking for help to do so. Read from more diverse literature to gain a wider perspective about ALL the people living in this country and world. The silence and lack of understanding has built from a single pebble to a mountain of tolerance. And Berkeley High does not stoop to tolerating things. Berkeley High stands for acceptance which requires a higher level of understanding and compassion. You may be able tolerate wet socks, but you definitely shouldn’t accept drowning in a sea of misinformation, racism, and other inequities just to get by each day. We saw what happens when seemingly small breaches of norms are allowed to continue without consequence. It is on each one of us to do the anti racist work and to push our institution to do the same. Berkeley High can remain an amazing place to learn all of these things and it will require each member of the community to step up.

Resources* for Processing the Violence & News
The easiest way to reflect upon your own understanding of current events and other trauma is to write about it or talk about it. If you would like more guidance, then consider some of these resources:

Youth Speaks Writing Workshops
“Youth Speaks will always show up and hold space for our young people. We don’t know what may happen in the next week, but we will be here. Ready to write. Ready to share and continually creating a safer space for you.” Wednesdays 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm PT for 13 – 19-year-olds only.

Greater Good Science Center 
Magazine and other articles to understand rising emotions within yourself as well as articles on growing your anti racist tools. 

Common Sense Media – Talking to Kids about Violence in the U.S. Capitol
This is an article with questions arranged by age range on how to process the events. In addition, there are numerous other resources available

Envolve – Activities for this moment
Scott Backovich offers simple ideas for taking care of yourself and your community. 

*Have a resource to share?Send it to Mr. V and he will add it to this list.

2021-2022 ASB Elected Candidates Apps are Open!

For all of those you looking to get more involved with the Berkeley High community, ASB Leadership offers you an opportunity to work with your peers in service of bigger issues. If you see yourself as ASB President, Class President or Vice President, or even in this position as Chief of Publicity, you will need to run a campaign and get your classmates to vote for you. Applications for elected positions and appointed positions are now available. Visit the ASB Leadership website now to see which positions are available and their job descriptions. Contact Noa Teiblum, Commissioner of Elections or Mr. V for more information. 
2021-2022 Leadership Applications are available here 

Selfless Self Care by Zero Waste Club

Are you looking for ways to make your hygiene, self care, or beauty routines more sustainable? Unfortunately many of the products people tend to use for these areas contain or are plastic, a majority of which cannot be recycled. Check out this infographic for zero waste and eco-friendly options or alternatives so you can look out for the planet while taking care of your body!
BHS Zero Waste Club (, insta: @bhszerowaste).

For high schoolers, there are 2 primary pathways into Berkeley Schools Volunteers (BSV), which is a program of the Berkeley Public Schools Fund:
1. Students who can give at least an hour every week could join Berkeley Schools Volunteers (BSV) as a “Distance Learning Volunteer.” These volunteers complete BSV’s onboarding training and then get matched with a BUSD Host Teacher (at the grade level and subject area of their choosing). They support online – in whole group Zooms, in small groups, or even in 1:1 breakouts. They might also help their Host Teacher review students’ asynchronous work. The distance learning volunteer application is HERE and we have several orientations in January.
2. Students who have time every once in a while can join Berkeley Schools Volunteer’s COVID-response email list to get notified about and sign up for other district-wide projects. Some projects are ongoing, like staffing the Ed Hub every Tues/Thurs afternoon (BUSD’s central distribution site for tech and learning tools) or joining BSV’s Tech Support team (to answer student and family tech questions asynchronously). BSV also has periodic one-time events like assembling science kits, or restoring a school garden. COVID-response volunteers receive about 2 emails each month with ongoing BUSD volunteer opportunities. Students can sign up to join BSV’s COVID-response email list HERE.
We hope many of you can join us on the front lines of BUSD’s COVID-response during this very difficult year.
Please reach out with any questions: 

Apply to be a Columnist on the Jacket! 
The Jacket is an entirely student-run newspaper and one of the best student publications in the nation. Columnists write one column every two weeks about a theme they are passionate about. Applications can be found online at
Share and email applications with Eliot Mark at by JANUARY 22, 2021.Instagram: @bhsjacket

BHS Yearbook Requests Club Photos
The BHS Yearbook would like to put together a comprehensive Clubs section in this year’s yearbook. If you have pics from recent events or meetings, even online meetings, please share them with us by February 8th. You can submit your photos to or

Do you have broken stuff? Essential Repair Skills Training  
Why not learn to fix your stuff instead of sending it to landfill and spending money on replacements?  In these training sessions you will learn hands-on skills in how to diagnose and repair your broken belongings. You’ll also learn about the impact of throwing stuff away and how you can do your part to help the environment.  The training will run from January 29 to April 30, 2021, meeting once a week, via Zoom, Fridays, 3-4pm. Sessions will be taught by Cal students, along with community repair experts.  The January 29 session will be a brief introduction, an overview of repair concepts will start in February, then in mid-February the class will focus on hands-on repair training sessions covering basic electronics, such as phones and tablets; appliances, such as lamps and headphones; clothing; bicycles and skateboards.  The training will wrap up with a survey, asking participants to reflect on what they learned and next steps in terms of further learning, internships and career opportunities.  Certificates of completion will be given to students who attend the sessions and successfully complete the course and survey. The class will be limited to 10 students, with a waiting list to accommodate other interested students. Contact or call 510-332-9456 for more info and to enroll.

Join the BHS Sunrise Hub
Hey, does climate change freak the heck out of you? Do something about it. Join BHS sunrise hub, a unit of the youth lead, nationwide sunrise movement fighting, through activism, for climate justice and towards the green new deal.
For more info about our movement watch this video.

Sunrise Hub Sign Up Form
Email us if you have questions!:
Instagram @sunrise.berkeley.high

Go virtual with a BHS Student Club
The Student Clubs List has been updated to reflect the clubs that are meeting virtually. You can log on anytime to see the meeting date, time and best contact person. We suggest reaching out at least one day ahead of time to get the meeting link. Happy clubbing!
BHS Student Club List

If any BHS student/staff member is interested in submitting an announcement this year, there are some basic guidelines to follow:
Here are the basic guidelines for submitting a bulletin:1. It must be relevant to roughly 100 or more students or staff members. 2. It must be a message that promotes community and builds up positive school culture. 3. Please no birthday announcements or personal requests. 
Please submit your morning announcement to the Google From by Monday morning:

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