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Week of November 9, 2020 

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Fall 2020 Assembly Videos
For all resources & contact info mentioned in the assembly, click the link below: 

Join Kiva Club 

Are you looking to socialize during online school? We have the perfect club for you! Join Kiva Club, a low-commitment, high impact student organization dedicated to changing lives through micro-loaning. Kiva Club is a  super easy way to meet nice people and create real, tangible change. Come visit us! Meetings every Friday at 12:45.  

For more information and the Zoom link,
email Etta Washburn, Sadie Britton  or Daisy Okazaki.

Join Focus Group on Tobacco Prevention

I hope this finds you doing as well as you can be considering all that is going on. My name is Tino Ratliff, I work for the City of Berkeley Public Health Division and will be one of the facilitators for a focus group that we hope you will participate in. All participants will earn a $15 gift card as a thank you. More information is below. What?Focus group: Is a small set of six to 12 people who usually share common characteristics such as age, background, geography, etc. The group comes together to discuss a predetermined topic. In a guided or open discussion. The main purpose of our focus group is to draw upon respondents’ attitudes, feelings, beliefs, experiences and reactions about the given topic. This can inform how the larger population will react to the same topic. We are holding a Youth Focus Group about flavored tobacco products and would love to get your feedback.When?To be announced. (Will occur on a date between Friday 11/06 – Friday 11/13, 3:30 – 5:00 pm.) Who can participate?We are looking to have 6-12 youth participants (ages 13-20) that spend time in Berkeley: live, work, hangout, worship, shop, etc. Why?Your input will help inform us with how best to share health and educational materials with our Berkeley Community.As a small thank you (up to 12) participants will receive a $15 Target gift card.Next steps: we need your parent/guardian to read and fill out the online parental consent form or fill out the attached pdf. (For pdf. print, have your parent review, sign, scan/take a picture of the signed form with your camera phone and send a copy to Tino) More details for the focus group are explained in the consent. Then the youth participant should fill out this link to the doodle form so that we can schedule the best date and time. Please contact Tino Ratliff if you have any questions or have issues sending the consent form. Once you have a completed parental consent form, please send me an email at I will verify that I have received it then send you the Zoom focus group link once it is available.    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks in advance!Tobacco Prevention Program (TPP)City of Berkeley, Public Health DivisionPhone: 510-981-5330Email:  

Pacific BoyChoir Academy November 17th @ 7:00 PM

On November 17th at 7:00 P.M (NEW DATE), ASB leadership will be hosting a virtual concert with the Pacific BoyChoir Academy as a fundraiser for the Berkeley Sexual Harm Survivors Support Group. This Support Group is an organization that dedicates itself to supporting survivors through hosting free sessions facilitated by a trained therapist to survivors of sexual harm. Due to the session being free the group requires funds to help pay for the therapist’s facilitation.
The PBA is a 2x Grammy award winning choir group that has toured different parts of the world giving performances to the likes of Joe Montana, Chabad Telethon, and Zach Galifianakis. The concert will feature music from Kanye West, The Beatles, Oasis, The Weekend, and many more artists and genres. 
The tickets to the virtual concert can be purchased here for $10 each with all proceeds going to the group. Please come out and lend your support for the Berkeley Sexual Harm Support Group. We hope to see you there, get tickets now! If you have any questions please contact Zephyr

UC Berkeley Panel 08: COVID-19 Recession (11/11)

Upcoming Panel
UC Berkeley will present about the prevalent COVID-19 Recession. You can ask questions and discuss the presentations as well as finding mentors to work with more at the panel.  

Zoom for COVID-19 Recession Panel Wed. Nov. 11th at 4pm
Meeting ID: 977 2544 2433 
Note: when you join the meeting you will have to enter your email address, but it will then redirect you to the meeting!

Mentorship Program
Consider participating in the mentorship program in addition to the panels if you are interested in projects and research at UC Berkeley. 
Reach out to Zephyr Zoidis if you have any questions

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