Student Bulletin Episode 2.1 Week of August 31, 2020 part 2

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Felix Mousigian, Chief of Publicity
Aaron Rumph, Chief of Publicity
Mr. V, Director of Student Activities
2020-2021 ASB Leadership
Week of August 31, 2020 part 2
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Vote16 is accepting applications! 

Berkeley Vote16 is a group of BHS students who are passionate about democracy, voting, and politics. We hold voter registration drives, create voter information resources, and work with the local government to implement Measure Y1, which gives 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote in Berkeley school board elections. Just because some high schoolers can’t vote yet doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference! If you want to become more involved in politics and voting, Vote16 is the place for you. 
We welcome applications from any grade, small school, or hive. Applications can be found online, and are due September 4th.
For more information, follow @vote16.berkeley on instagram, or reach out to 

Join Berkeley High Ultimate!  

All are welcome, no experience necessary. Visit our website to learn more:
To receive information about Fall practices and activities, all new and returning players need to fill out the player information survey by September 17.  There is a link to the player survey on the Registration page of the website:

Applications are open for the BHS California Scholarship Federation Chapter!

Are you a strong academic student? Interested in working with other BHS students to serve and support our community?CSF is a regional organization that recognizes and encourages academic achievement and community service. CSF members graduate with special certificates and qualify for scholarships.
Application (submit by September 19th)Please contact Emilia Feria or Nancy Mahmoud if you have any questions.

SHIFT Applications are now open! 

SHIFT is a peer education group composed of Berkeley High School students who are trained on reproductive health topics such as anatomy, STIs, HIV, and birth control options. They conduct health workshops for Berkeley High School students of all grade levels while earning a stipend! Applications are due September 23, we will also be having an info session for interested students who want to know more about it Wednesday September 16 from 2-3pm. For more information take a look at the flyers or email 

Calling all gender expansive students at BHS! 

You should join AGES (Alliance Of Gender Expansive Students). This great club meets Mondays during lunch period where we have important conversations, enact positive change at Berkeley High, and have fun! More information will come in the next few weeks. We hope to hear from you soon.
Find us on Instagram

Student voices for student choices! 

The Harm Education Response Organization at BHS is looking for students passionate about their fellow students’ safety and wellbeing around substance use. Club activities include biweekly organization and planning meetings, creating and leading games, doing class presentations, making artwork and memes, discussion circles, educational opportunities, making videos, posting on social media, moderated hang sessions, planning events, and anything else that you can think of. 
There will be a zoom info session on Wednesday, September 9th at 1:00 pm.Email Mr. Luu at for more information.

Join the BHS Chapter of Amnesty International 

Kenosha, Portland, Minsk; all of these cities have seen recent abuse of human rights. Are you interested in fighting for the protection of our fellow world citizens? Join Amnesty International to fight against human rights abuse through research, advocacy, lobbying, campaign, and action. We are an international organization with over 7 million members. 
Berkeley High’s chapter has virtual meetings Tuesdays at lunch. Email us at for more info.

2019-2020 BHS Yearbooks are still not available for distribution. 

If you purchased or planned to purchase a 2019-2020 yearbook, the BHS Yearbook staff will send out a schoolwide message to let everyone know how to pick them up. If you ordered a yearbook to be sent to your house, they should ship out in the next week or so (as of 9.3.2020).
Similarly, more information will be shared about Senior Portraits, School Photos, and IDs once BHS has more guidance from the Berkeley Public Health Department.

If anyone is interested in submitting an announcement this year, there are some basic guidelines to follow:
Here are the basic guidelines for submitting a bulletin:1. It must be relevant to roughly 100 or more students or staff members. 2. It must be a message that promotes community and builds up positive school culture. 3. Please no birthday announcements or personal requests. 
Please submit your morning announcement to the Google From:

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