SHOW of UNITY 2017 video

UNITY WEEK CELEBRATES the PASSION, PURPOSE & PRIDE of our BIG RED & GOLD FAMILY. The Show of Unity is the kick off to our celebration of Red and Gold Day. It is a time to celebrate the three P’s- purpose, passion, and pride of our BIG Red and Gold family. Today we have a lot of performances to share with you so please give them your support.


Opening Message by Principal Schweng and Mr. Rok
Message of Solidarity by Ms. Malhi and Mr. Estrada along with students
Introduction by Genna S and Mr. V
Cheer Squad coached by Tiffany Williams
Sing Along Contest
BTA performance with Will Tinson
Class of 2019 performance
Class of 2018 performance take 1
Staff performance
Class of 2018 performance take 2

Thank you to our student videographers!!!  Liam C and Cosmo W.