2017-18 ASB Leadership Events


Here is a list of major leadership events to take place in the 2017-18 school year. We are excited about the potential to continue building positive school culture at Berkeley High and look forward to providing activities that appeal to all students.

Please check out the LEADERSHIP! calendar on this page for the most up to date schedule of events and activities. Just a reminder, these events are tentative and subject to change.


Summer & Registration Week

Promote & Sell ASB Stickers (ASB Pres/VP helps choose the design for the included shirt)

Promote & Sell FanCloth Jacket Gear (Mr. V works on the items included)

Promote & Sell ​Spirit Packs by ASB Leadership (​includes shirt, cinch bag, lanyard, pen, etc…Items still pending)



21 – 25 Registration Info http://bhs.berkeleyschools.net/parents/information-for-prospective-families/

21 Senior Registration

22 Junior Registration

23 Sophomore Registration

24 Freshman Registration Last Names A – K

24 Make-Up Registration Session

25 Freshman Registration Last Names L – Z

25 First Home Football Games

29 First Day of School

31 Club Rush – lunchtime only. Clubs set up tables to promote their club.



14 Welcome Back Assembly split 2nd or 3rd period (Goals & events, community building, Behavior, expectations, paperwork, etc.)

16 Overnight ASB Leadership retreat (Point Pinole Regional Park)

18-22 Welcome Week activities (lunch time, school clean up, and open mic on Friday, etc.)  

20 Fall Club Fair 1st-3rd Period. Clubs and community organizations recruit new members and promote their causes.

22 Senior Sunrise. This is when ‘18 Spell-Out takes place.

​25 Freshman Leadership Applications Due

28 ASB Speaker Series: Homelessness in Berkeley 2nd/3rd period. Still pending.

28 Back to School Night



4 Red Cross Blood Drive #1. Students sign up for appointments.

19 Show of Unity (6th period assembly)

16-20 Unity Week (lunchtime activities and food drive)

TBD Link Leader Tutoring. Support Freshman before end of 1st Quarter

Holiday Meal Canned Food Drive begins!!! See the event link for more details!



15 Cultural Club Fair 3rd period – lunch

16 “World/Culture” Show (still pending)

TBD Thanksgiving Grams hosted by ASB Leadership

29 Red Cross Blood Drive #2. Students sign up for appointments.



8-9 Holiday Meal 2017

14 Academic Achievement Awards 3rd period. By invitation only.

TBD Holiday Grams hosted by ASB Leadership



TBD Link Leader Tutoring. Support Freshman before end of 1st Semester

27 Staff Appreciation Lunch hosted by parents, leadership, Achievers Inc.



​2 Winter Dance in Jacket Gym still pending.

5-9 Spring Spirit Week​ aka Jacket Pride Week

​8 Open House (format may change. Details in the fall)

9 Spring Spirit Assembly (Course Selection, Arts Showcase, community building)

15 Elected Leadership Applications Due

15 Red Cross Blood Drive #3 (last date!)

12 – 23 Talent Show Auditions

27 Senior Meeting for grad/prom info. All seniors from BHS, ISP, BTA with their teachers during 6th period, most likely during the first half only.

TBD Valentine Grams hosted by ASB Leadership



7 Election Convention 1st – 3rd period. For students running for an elected position and delegates representing 9th-11th grade social studies classrooms.

​16 Talent Show

​20-22 ASB Voting. All 9th-11th grade students in their 2nd period classrooms.

TBD Link Leader Tutoring. Support Freshman before end of 3rd Quarter



21 Prom at SF Galeria

24 Appointed Leadership Applications Due



1 – 4 and 8 Graduation Performer Auditions.

19 or 25 or other date. BHS Carnival (a way to celebrate end of testing season and the end of the school year) Still pending.



TBD Link Leader Tutoring. Support Freshman before end of 2nd Semester.

4-8 Locker Clean-Out & School Supplies Recycling in C-Gallery

15 Class of 2018 Graduation


Events not listed, but planned:

ASB Speaker Series. ASB Leadership would like to continue the speaker series into the upcoming school year with student clubs getting a chance to create their presentation and choose their own speakers. If this is not possible again, we will attempt to host a spring “symposium” of speakers around a topic of significance and high relevancy. If you are a sponsor of student club and would like to host a speaker series, please contact Mr. V.


Intramurals at Lunchtime hosted by ASB Leadership on Wednesday. We are planning to host regular intramural activities at lunch for 4 weeks at a time rotating between basketball, soccer, maybe volleyball or board games or other activity. If staff are interested in supporting this activity, contact Mr. V.


Assemblies/School Day events. ASB Leadership is assisting with a large school assembly in each of the first three months and one more in the spring. It is our belief that these events will build a student’s sense of belonging and connection to BHS. We recognize the potential for lost instructional time, but are hoping that advanced notice and split-period bell schedules will alleviate worries. Our time together as a large school is precious and significant, so we will treat it as such, knowing that staff may be making compromises on their plans.

In addition to the large school assemblies, we will host events that take students away from instructional time. For almost all events, ASB Leadership will provide a field trip permission slip that must be signed before students have period absences cleared with the attendance office. If you believe that a student has abused their privilege to participate in these events, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. V.

Support Student Activities & Athletics! Buy an ASB Sticker!

Click here to download and complete the ASB Sticker 2017.18 member form


1.Why should I purchase an ASB Sticker?
The savings with an Associated Student Body (ASB) sticker will save you money all year long! There are discounts for school dances, home football, soccer & basketball games as well as exclusive raffles. BHS has a rich tradition of athletic success and we believe that increasing student participation in athletics will renew JACKET PRIDE. We want to encourage more students to get involved with athletics whether as an athlete or fan. ASB funds are managed by the BHS Student Leadership, as elected by the student body.

2.Where & when can I purchase an ASB Sticker?
ASB stickers will be available beginning REGISTRATION WEEK in August. Once school starts, you may purchase your ASB sticker in the Leadership Office during lunch or after school. Sales will end in Mid-October. This will allow you to receive your JACKET PRIDE t-shirt before the Homecoming Game.

3.What happens if I lose my student ID card?
Students who lose their ID card will be able to receive another ID card from the Counseling Center and ASB Sticker from the Leadership Office. Each ASB Sticker is individually numbered so that they cannot be duplicated or used by another student.

4.What games can I attend with the ASB sticker?
You can attend all regular season home games at Donahue Gym or Jacket Stadium for FREE (GOLD

LEVEL). You will still need to get a ticket at the box office. Simply present your ID card with ASB sticker to the box office. Unfortunately, all home PLAYOFF games ARE NOT included due to league rules.

5.Why should I support BHS Athletics?
Berkeley High has as many as 1/3 of the student body participating on an athletic team each year. That

equals about 1100 students competing for the pride of BERKELEY HIGH! As a member of our student- cheering section, you will create a supportive atmosphere that will give our teams a competitive advantage. Wear RED & GOLD to every home game to represent the Mighty Jackets to the fullest!

6.I’m not a senior, so why should I care about the discount for dances?
If you are a JUNIOR or SENIOR you can purchase tickets to the Prom in the spring. We do plan on holding at least one other dance that is open to ALL GRADES. Simply present your ID card with ASB sticker to receive discounts to either of the 2-3 school-sponsored dances (Fall Dance, Winter Dance and/or Prom) at the time of purchase. Your ASB sticker entitles you to ONE discounted ticket.

7.When do I receive my t-shirt?
All students that purchase an ASB sticker will receive a JACKET PRIDE t-shirt in sizes ranging from small to

triple-extra large. We will order the t-shirts after you have purchased an ASB sticker. ASB sticker sales end in Mid-October. You should receive your t-shirt before the last week of October.

8.What is the BHS Spirit Song?

A) Juice the jackets, juice juice the jackets (what?!)

Juice the jackets, juice juice the jackets (what?!) (Chant continues throughout)

B) Go…. mighty jackets!

Go…. mighty jackets!

Repeat as many times as necessary to intimidate your opponent!

9. When do I receive my yearbook?
All students with a GOLD LEVEL ASB sticker will receive a free yearbook. Yearbooks represent all of the amazing accomplishments from the past year and the yearbook staff does a tremendous job of covering the events at BHS. They become available towards the end of the school year. We will work with the yearbook staff to ensure that your name is included on the list of students that purchased a yearbook. Yearbook orders tend to arrive in late May. Ms. Hollyman, 2017 faculty sponsor of yearbook, will announce via E-tree and the school bulletin when, where, and how to pick-up a yearbook.