How you can support Art, Activism & Culture Week April 24 – 28

Dear BHS Community,

We are looking forward to hosting our annual week of activities to share in the many cultures at BHS under this year’s theme of “Art, Activism, & Culture”. We will celebrate the culture and diversity of the BHS community through art and activism. We plan to have lunchtime activities such as a student club fair and art show, as well as a show of performances to close out the week. We are open to hosting all student groups and organizations that want to get involved and also have a few specific requests for support.

How you can support Art, Activism & Culture Week April 24 – 28, 2017
  • Potluck on Friday: We would like to have a meal on Friday at lunch to build community through food and celebrate all of the participants in the week.The food could be a specific dish from a​ny​ part of the world ​that could feed from 4 – 10 people. Please contact Mr. V if you would like to share a dish.​ ​We are expecting a group of 60-70 hungry students.
  • Club Fair: We are also open to hosting community organizations that represent “Art, Activism, and Culture” during a lunchtime club fair tentatively scheduled for April 27. ​If you are a student club leader and would like to host a table at the club fair, please contact Simelia Rogers and Mr. V​.
  • Art Show: If you are an artist who would like to display images of art, activism and/or culture, please contact Melissa Gross, Simelia Rogers and Mr. V. We are collecting art now​ for a one-week display on campus.
  • Art, Activism & Culture Show: If you are or know a student interested in performing at the April 28th show, please have them contact Simelia Rogers and Mr. V. We are hosting auditions for performers (song, dance, storytelling, etc.) this week and after spring break. Audition sign-ups are outside of the leadership office in the cafeteria. Eventually we will send out an invitation for teachers to bring their classes to the show.

If you have any questions or want to get more involved in Art, Activism, & Culture Week, please contact Simelia, Melissa and/or Mr. V.

Thank you for your support!


Co-Commissioners of Multicultural Affairs​
​Simelia Rogers & Melissa Gross

​with support from

MSA (Muslim Student Association)

​& CLUV (Chicano Latino United Voices)
​Imanne C., Aamna Ahmed & Marielena Rodas​


​Mr. V, Director of Student Activities


PROM 2017 tickets on sale now

Midnight in Paris prom will take place at the Bently Reserve in SF. You can expect a beautiful setting with plenty of amenities included in the ticket price. There will be a sweet & savory crepe bar, the popular chocolate fountain, free photo booths as well as professional photos at a cost.

Seniors and juniors are welcome to purchase tickets. Please note that we do follow the attendance rule and no student with 30 or more unverified (UNV) period absences will be allowed to attend. Please consult PowerSchool and the attendance office for more details on how to clear absences. Any appeal letters must be submitted before April 14 to the attendance office or the Dean of Attendance.



Ticket sales in leadership office (in cafeteria) during lunch & after school.


Students who qualify for

Free & Reduced Lunch*

Students with ASB Sticker**

Regular Price

Week 1: 3/27-3/31




Week 2: 4/1-4/9



Week 3: 4/10-4/16




Week 4: 4/17-4/21




*Free & Reduced Lunch price applies to BUSD students and in person only. Verification form available outside of leadership office.

**ASB Sticker was only sold in the fall. Students should bring their student ID to prove eligibility. Must purchase in person.

IAMSU at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco 2015 with SF Proms from SF Proms on Vimeo.

Cash or check payable to BHS ASB

ASB stands for Associated Student Body

Debit & Credit Card payments accepted online

Talent Show 2017 video

The Talent and Achievement Show is a special evening that intends to bring the BHS community together to celebrate our diverse array of talented and inspiring students, staff, and alums. Our community can be even stronger when we appreciate the beauty and creativity we all have to offer each other. Thank you for your contributions to this spirit of the Show.






Welcome and Introduction by Masters of the Ceremony: Alex Lee & Luisana Rodriguez Sequiera

  • Ezra Blackwood performs “Need to Be” by Memphis May Fire on guitar
  • Kathryn Bun & Betty Taylor performs an original song
  • Gwendolyn Hill performs “Death of a Bachelor” by Panic! at the Disco on piano
  • Da’Leah Hodges & Bodhi Lucero-Simmons performs “New Perspective” by Panic! at the Disco
  • Ricardo Camacho & Ivan Jutamilla perform an original song
  • Winston Nguyen, Eliza Paneru, & Helene Ma Yang Perform an original dance to “Playing With Fire” by BlackPink
  • CRINGE! (Cold Room Improvisational Notorious Group Ensemble)
  • Isabella Campuzano performs an original poem “Dear Our Outside Selves,”
  • Kieran Cabezas performs “Epic Strings” on the charango
  • The band Something and Maybe Everything (SAME) performs an original song “DARE“ Dash Goss-Post-Drums, Bodhi Lucero- Simmons-Bass Guitar, Georgia Manou–Rhythm Guitar & Vocals, Ikaika Gunderson-Lead Guitar & Vocals, Ligaya Chinn- Manager


  • Daphne Eleftheriadou & Natalie Baehrend perform “Dancing on My Own” by Callum Scott on guitar
    Lulani Sudjian Lampkin performs “Kid in Love” by Shawn Mendez on guitar
  • Fuego aka Makaylah Ashley, Lawrence O’Neal, & Natalie Sowers perform an original step routine
    Special Guest Star..Scarecrow performs an original song “Choices”
  • Higher State of Mind aka Mashiki Mosley & Maj perform an original song “Dreaming”
  • Aldous Solano, Lulani Sudjian Lampkin & Jahlil Kelly perform an original song “How Could You Know”
    Jehni Stewart sings – “When A Woman Loves” by R. Kelly


Representing the Class of 2018 Leadership Team…

Lili Spencer, Abigail Golde, Kendra Bowman, Kyla Dangerfield, Tara Steckler, Winston Nguyen, Cameron Miya, Isabella Campuzano, Elijah Clarke-Nichols, Ezekiel Akil Espinoza, Molly Arzt, Shahada Vines, Kira Kiurciev, Esme Goldstein

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