Delegates Needed for the Election Convention!

8th Annual Berkeley High School

Election Convention

Little Theater – Tuesday March 7, 2017

Social Studies Classes are able to select and send their delegates to the convention. Deadline Feb 24. Here is a taste of a past conference!

What is it?

The Berkeley High School Election Convention is a grand exercise in politics and civic engagement modeled on the major party national conventions and other high schools that have excellent conventions. (Agenda on back)


What is the educational purpose?

Its educational purpose is to engender in students a deeper interest and sense of responsibility as an informed voter and active citizen.


What is its electoral purpose?

The convention and its delegates are given the responsibility of questioning and taking a primary vote on the top candidates to high offices – ASB President, Vice President, Chief of Service, Chief of Publicity, and School Board Representative. Candidates for BSEP, School Site Council, Class Presidents and Vice Presidents will also be introduced.



Maximum 5 delegates per class


Who are the delegates?

Delegates are representatives of every 9th-11th grade social studies class at Berkeley High. Each group of delegates will be assigned a state, US territory, or district and asked to dress up as a way to have some fun and simulate more closely the national conventions.


How are delegates selected?

In each of your class periods please discuss with students the responsibilities and requirements of the delegate. Then you may hold an election or appoint students.


GOT TALENT? It’s almost Showtime!

Visit the Leadership Office to sign up for auditions for the 2017 Talent Show. This event features 20 of the most amazing performers from BHS and is a great way to share your talent in front of a packed audience in the Little Theater. For more information, contact Mr. V or any member of the Class of 2018 Leadership team.


Leadership adopts a resolution for an inclusive community

ASB Leadership voted unanimously to adopt a resolution to demonstrate their values and beliefs in an inclusive community. The resolution will serve as a guide for planning and as a signal of a welcoming environment to all within the BHS community. The resolution is also a response to


“The Berkeley High School (BHS) Associated Student Body  Leadership Team stands in solidarity with all students targeted by the actions of the new federal administration in their first days in office. The policies of this new administration are ones of hate and discrimination; they go against every principle of diversity and inclusion that our campus and community represents. At BHS, we welcome students regardless of their immigration status, religion, race, sexual orientation, or gender. At BHS, no aspect of your identity or background diminishes your right to equitable opportunities in education and in life. As students, we vow to take a stand against these unconscionable acts of hate and oppression. We will stay true to our values and will strive to hold safe spaces for all students and staff.”