BHS’s Th!nk B!g a Success

Berkeley High’s Think Big took place on Thursday, November 19th. Modeled after TED Talks, it had an impressive array of speakers covering some of today’s major issues. This event was an Associated Student Body (ASB) fundraiser.

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Speakers and their topics include:

Mick Gardner Restorative Justice

Eli Cooper (2015 Alumni) Spread the Word to End the Word

John Villavicencio Decline of the Hip Hop Radio DJ

Dave Stevens Evaluating Student Data

Albrey Brown (2009 Alumni) Diversity in the Tech Industry

Dacher Keltner The Science of Happiness

Chayla Fisher Overcoming Hardships

Alecia Harger (2018) Racism & Race Relations at BHS

Kadijah Means (2015 Alumni) Combating Anti-Blackness

Kad Smith Civic Engagement
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For videos of the individual talks, please click the link:

Albrey Brown:

Dave Stevens:

Eli Cooper:

John Villavicencio:

Alecia Harger:

M. Mick Gardner:

Chayla Fisher:

Dacher Keltner:

Kadijah Means:

Kad Smith: Unfortunately the last speaker was cut short due to a fire alarm on the campus causing an evacuation. A record of the presentation is soon to come.

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To see more photos of the event click the link: