Unity Week Theme Days & Student vs. Staff activities

Unity Week is a celebration of what it means to be a part of this one, big red & gold family of over 3,400 awesome people. All week there will be theme dress-up days as well as Student vs. Staff competitions during lunch. Points are awarded for each competition and will culminate in the awarding of the Unity Week Championship Trophy to either the STUDENTS or the STAFF. Sign up at lunch tomorrow on the Community Theater steps…

Check out the flyers to see the theme days to get your outfits ready and then see if there are any activities you can sign up for.

PAJAMA DAY: On Monday, October 26, jam out in your jammies. Folks, we’re talking about PJ’s, so please keep the lingerie or boxer short-style sleepwear in the closet. See you at the Pajama Jammy Jam Fashion Show for prizes on the Community Theater Steps (BCT) at lunch.

HIPPIE DAY: On groovy Tuesday, October 27, put on your bell bottoms and tie-dye for peace and love. It you want to look like Jimi, Janis, Bob or other flower children, please make sure to wear a t-shirt under that suede vest. Check out the peace party with face paint, hula hoops and more on the BCT Steps at lunch.

SAFARI DAY: On Wednesday, October 28, tap into your inner spirit animal by wearing your favorite animal print. We love lions, tigers, and bears, but, oh my, please no masks. Hope to see you all exploring the campus during our all-day animal scavenger hunt.

DECADES DAY: On Thursday, October 29, there are two decades of amazing fashion for you to choose from. Shoulder pads, flashy neon, big hair, acid wash jeans, gold jewelry, hi top fades, hi top sneakers among many totally radical choices. See you on the BCT steps at lunch for photo’s, fun, and a karaoke song battle.

UNI-TEAM DAY: On our final day of Unity Week, Friday, October 30, let’s come together as one, big “uni-team” by wearing your BHS team jerseys or other team uniform. Just like the rest of the week, please make sure to keep your clothing school appropriate. See you at the campus green for one, big team photo at lunch, among other games and activities.

UNITY WEEK 2015! activity

Big Ideas to be Shared at Th!nk B!g

Leadership is organizing an event called “Berkeley High Think Big” and we are seeking a roster of engaging, dynamic speakers to present big ideas. The goal of this event is to allow students, staff, and a few outside community members to share their research or interesting observations with a large audience.

On Thursday, Novemeber 19, speakers will present their ideas on everything from the most appropriate application of big data to the science of happiness, as well as the decline of the radio deejay and the importance of teaching coding within communities of color. Th!nk B!g will bring back recent BHS alum as well as great friends of the BHS community to the Berkeley Community Theater.

Don’t miss out on a chance to TH!NK B!G!

A list of speakers will be available soon.

Secure your ticket online at:


  • GENERAL $5
  • V.I.P. Supporter $50 (Includes front row seat, Th!nk B!g t-shirt, and a special place in our heart)

Senior Sunrise & Spell-Out Photo: Friday, October 16



Senior Sunrise & Spell-Out Photo

On Friday, October 16, our seniors will have their moment in the sun — literally — when the Class of 2016 gathers for the first-ever Senior Sunrise!

This is a new tradition at BHS; we want to bring every senior together to enjoy a fall sunrise from the Seniorsteps on the day in October that matches their graduation year. Morning refreshments will be available starting at 7:00 a.m., and at 8:00 a.m. we will organize for the Senior Spell Out in the courtyard. Photographers will be on hand to capture this special moment, and we will share the Senior Spell Out photo on the BHS ASB (Associated Student Body) Instagram and Twitter feeds. Join us, Seniors, for this special event!