It’s our last show of the year!  Come out and show your support. This semester, the Dance Production class has had the good fortune to work with two amazing guest choreographers. Nick Van Eyck has created a kaleidoscopic Cuban Salsa piece, and Bianca Cabrera has brought out in the dancers her particularly fierce style of


Hello Families of Incoming Freshmen! We are excited to welcome you to the Berkeley High School Performing Arts Department.  We know that this is the time of year when students are choosing classes & families have a lot of questions. Hopefully, you will find the answers to some of your questions here. If you would


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“Dance has given me the privilege to release my stress whether it’s personally or academically related.”


“I’m so glad that I joined this class because it taught me a lot of good lessons besides dance.”


“Having Afro-Haitian in the middle of the day everyday has been very beneficial to me, and I have seen the positive impacts on my daily life.”