pGet involved in Academic Choice by contributing your time to help with AC community events, fundraising, student support, or special projects. Even a few hours will make a big difference! Academic Choice volunteer opportunities are described below. For more information, attend an ACAC Monthly Meeting.

AC Advisory Committee Members

These are elected positions (5 positions and 2 alternates), generally elected at the Fall and Spring all-hands AC meetings. If you are interested in one of the positions below, email Vice Principal Felicia Phillips

Position Description Who
Parent Coordinator Coordinates parent volunteer activities and is liaison between parents and BHS administration OPEN
Secretary Announce agendas for meetings, write and post minutes, help with AC website OPEN
Student Support Coordinator Coordinate the Student/Classroom Support Team OPEN
Treasurer Manage the ACAC budget OPEN
At Large Provide general help to ACAC  OPEN

Fundraising Team

Position Description Who
Fundraising Coordinator Coordinate AC fundraising: identify and coordinate fundraising opportunities, grants, and donors OPEN
Fundraising Team Members Help with fundraising tasks, check processing OPEN
Development Group Liaison Advocate for AC at the BHS Development Group OPEN
Grant Writers Help teachers apply for grants for tutors, supplies OPEN

Student/Classroom Support Team

Position Description Who
Student Support Coordinator Coordinate the Student/Classroom Support Team OPEN
College Career Center Liaison Help organize events sponsored by the College Career Center Heather Loucks
AC College Tour Organizers Work with the College and Career Center, and with parents and teachers to schedule and organize trips for AC Sophomores to visit local college campuses. OPEN
Tutoring and Writing Coach Coordinators Help teachers hire and coordinate tutors for English and History classes OPEN
AC Resource Coordinator Assistants Help mentor/tutor struggling students under the guidance of AC Resource Coordinator Jessie Luxford. OPEN

Communications Team

Position Description Who
AC webmaster Maintain the AC web site Open
Web Assistants Contribute to the AC web site OPEN
AC Etree Moderators Post to the AC e-tree Candy Rupp
Poster Makers Make posters and flyers for events OPEN

Community Events Team

Position Description Who
Staff Meeting Food Organizers Buy food and deliver to staff events (can be reimbursed) OPEN
Back to School BBQ Organizers Organize and help out at the back to school picnic OPEN
9th / 10th Grade Potluck Organizers Plan and organize potlucks OPEN
AC Commencement Committee Organizers AC Commencement starts meeting in the Spring, at first monthly then weekly to organize the sash distribution, speakers, program, entertainment-if any, graphics and decorations for the AC Commencement. Elisabeth Ross, OPEN
AC Commencement Committee Members Help with the AC Commencement OPEN

Outreach/Diversity Team

Position Description Who
Spanish Translations Provide Spanish translations at meetings, translate documents OPEN
Parent Resource Center Liaison Assist at the Parent Resource Center OPEN
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