One of the things that sets the AC community apart is the willingness of

the AC parent body to make an enduring investment in the quality of the

education that our children receive at BHS by making donations that

provide additional support for AC students, teachers and administrators.

Your donations are essential for the effective implementation of the

learning mission of AC because, regrettably, the annual BHS budget from

the BUSD does not provide AC with sufficient support for all of the

enrichment and other needs that our children deserve and require.



What do your donations help provide?

•Funds for instructional equipment

(digital projectors, graphing calculators, computers, etc.)

•Funds for instructional support

(administrators, readers/graders and tutors for AP classes)

•Funds for academic support

(Bridge program & AC Academic Support Coordinator assistant)

•Funds for professional development for AC teachers and staff

•Funds for AC events

(e.g., commencement ceremonies, graduation regalia, annual informa-

tional gatherings, etc.)

•Funds for special field trips….and much much more!


How can you help?

We want your participation! The size of your donation doesn’t really matter

— $10, $100, $1,000 or $10,000 —just show that you care. So, PLEASE

make a donation of any amount as soon as you can.


Here’s how to donate:

Write a check— payable to” BHSDG-Academic Choice”

Mail to BHSDG , P.O. Box 519, Berkeley, CA, 94701-0519


•To donate via credit card, go to the BHSDG web site at  .  Type in “Academic Choice” into the  PayPal field  (i.e., replace “BHSDG General Fund”),

then click the “Donate” tab, and then enter your payment information. After it’s been verified, the

confirmation page lists your “Shipping Address” and, if you want to

provide any further instructions, click on the “Add” link on the

“Special instructions (optional)” line. Thank you!

  • AC at a glance

    Choose from the widest possible list of electives, Advanced Placement classes, and courses of study:
    Challenge yourself academically and prepare for success in a 4-year college or university. AC offers academic support for all students.

    Explore your interests and develop your strengths: Decide which subjects to study in depth. AC offers a rigorous program while providing you the most flexibility in course selection.

    Thrive in a diverse yet personalized learning community: Join a cohort of students in the 9th and 10th grade humanities classes and become part of a supportive community. Find friends who share your interests and learn from classmates with wide-ranging world views.