Academic Choice students are assigned to a counselor, based on the student’s last name.  The assignments for 2015/2016 are:

Counselor Students Room Phone (644-) Email Address
Sandra Gomez (A – Go) D-149 6714
Brenda Kitagawa (Gr-Mu & AC-EL) D-146 4579
Terrence Christianson (My – Z) D-145 4573

Robert Stiles   [883-6143;], who sits at the central desk in the counseling area, is another important resource. He can print a student’s unofficial transcript and current grades.    He can remind students and their parents of which counselor is assigned to them and take messages if counselors are not available.   He takes the photos for and prints ID cards for students.   Finally, he answers parents’ and students’ questions on a wide range of school topics or directs them to the staff who can provide answers.   The office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m..


If you need help communicating with your counselor
Most of the time, your student’s interactions with his or her counselor will be smooth, efficient, and helpful.  However, every year, some parents report very frustrating delays in the process of getting their student transferred out of the wrong class into the right one.   While some delays will be inevitable due to heavy student-to-counselor ratios, it is very important for the administration to be informed if delays seem unreasonable.   This allows the administration to track down the source of the problem and fix it or if it can’t be fixed, use the record of the problem to advocate for more counseling resources in the future.   Do not let weeks go by while you struggle alone!

If you or your student have not heard back from his or her counselor within 48 hours or if you have any other concerns that you have been unable to resolve with the counselor,  please inform Felicia Phillips, AC’s Vice Principal, at 644-4569  She can facilitate a meeting and find a solution.

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