ASB Executive Team Minutes


ASSIGNMENT: Mr. V distributed three school culture surveys per leadership member. Everyone, please give the survey to people from different groups on our campus who you feel represent diverse perspectives. Turn them in to the leadership office ASAP!

Zoe Horowitz, Chief of Service, gave an update on the Holiday Meal, which is occurring in two weeks on December 9th and 10th.

  • With just two weeks to go, this is the last chance to sign up to volunteer.
  • Also, there is still need for canned food and non-food donations, which can be turned in to the bins outside the leadership office and around campus.

Berkeley Schools Excellence Program (BSEP) representatives presented on what BSEP is, why it’s important, and encouraged everyone to contact BSEP to discuss grant possibilities.

The anniversary of the Sankofa assembly is coming up in December.

  • BSU and the African American Studies Department are planning a number of activities for the assembly and “Back to Black” week.
  • Organizers of the walkout continue to organize next steps, and are brainstorming social justice teach-ins, an assembly, “know your rights” education, and a movie night among other activism.
  • Leadership could offer support if needed in the form of facility requests, materials, etc. ASB Exec Specific

The Academic Achievement Awards are on December 15.

  • Details to be confirmed include flyers and student volunteers.
  • Exec team members received names for the gift exchange.
  • Please check for a message about your gift recipient if you weren’t at the meeting today.

Julia also sent out an email about the exec team potluck next Tuesday at lunch. If you can, please bring something to share with the group.

Comm. of Health will be meeting with a potential health presentation speaker this Sunday and will check in about next steps on Tuesday.

Comms. of Multicultural Affairs are sending out a survey to cultural clubs to gauge interest in a multicultural fair the night of Open House.

Emara and Miles are facilitating the next meeting on Tuesday, December 6. Please submit draft agenda by this Friday, December 2.



Led by Elijah and Shayla, Commissioners of Publicity

Teacher Appreciation Debrief

  • Lots of food, teachers enjoyed it

Academic Achievement Awards

  • Thursday December 15th, third period
  • Contact Chaltu to volunteer
  • Email sent to teachers, flyers underway
  • 6 categories of awards

Holiday Meal

  • Collected $615 in classes last week
  • Need $4000 total
  • Fresh food donation signup is out
  • Volunteer sign ups begin next week, meal serving slots are limited

Multicultural Fair

  • December 9 or 16? Or possibly January?
  • Afterschool from 4-7
  • Goal: send email out to clubs of student groups to sell items before the holidays
  • Next step: meet with Mr. V.

Leadership Event Calendar for 2016/17

  • Goal: already have event plans set for next semester and year; review calendar each month moving forward
  • Some conflict between events before Winter Break
  • Lack of events in January and February
  • Theatre spaces must be booked 30 days in advance; all other events 2 weeks before



Warm Up: silent building with cards

“Plan Your Project”

  • Reviewing checklist for planning projects
  • Especially important: deadlines

Speaker Series Update

  • Last week, CLUV presentation entitled “Labels”
  • Turnout: 200 students per period
  • Filmed, so teachers will be showing their classes later on
  • Next group: BHS Stop Harassing on 11/22

Canned Food Drive Donate cans in the C-Gallery and Leadership office for Holiday Meal

Berkeley Half-Marathon

  • Volunteering requires waiver, talk to Mr. V. for a copy and turn in next week
  • Tasks: set up finish line, pass out water and medals

November 20th Staff Development Day Appreciation

  • Parents are donating food for teachers Leadership food and set-up signup is coming soon (50 needed!)
  • Decorated cards for each table with appreciations
  • Flowers for teachers: also a possibility for donations A

SB Specific Minutes Planning is underway for Health Center Presentations and Winter Multicultural Fair

This Friday: Green Team hosting a “Get to School Green” event, need volunteers Flyers for Academic Achievement Awards by Annie in progress



Led by Erin and Chaltu, Commissioners of Technology and Achievement

Warm Up: Ordering by birthdate, sibling number,

Leadership Website Goals: increase views, more student content

  • Club volunteering opportunities now posted as well as meeting minutes; possibly: bake sale announcements, soliciting parent donations, senior info
  • How to publicize website?
  • Place URL on flyers

Academic Achievement Awards Teachers

  • nominate student for various awards
  • Ideas to make it more engagaing: videos, performances, invite parents, cool award names, reception afterwards, teachers that nominated student stand on stage with them
  • More announcements to publicize (usually before Holdiay Meal) Contact Chaltu if you want to help run assembly

Leadership Progress Chart: please complete!

Communications Plan

  • Finding a more efficient way of distributing information, since many students cannot hear announcements (plan to replace speakers underway)
  • Public Display of weekly and daily bulletins behind glass outside BHS Connect: new app for iOS, could host announcements
  • BHS Leadership Website Schedule and deadlines for announcements to send emails to students and parents

Berkeley Half-Marathon Volunteering 6am-1pm on November 20

  • BHS Leadership earns $15 per volunteer
  • Extra credit for leadership

Teacher Appreciation Food Every leadership student would bring something, some parent involvement confirmed Sign-up sheets underway



Led by Junior Class President and Vice President

Unity Assembly Debrief

  • What went well?
  • Dances by students and teachers esp. Mr. Pasarow, Mr. V./Tigerman’s rap, Amber’s Leadership, energy of the football team, Buzz, singing “Lean on Me” as a school, glowsticks– anticipation, participation of each grade, inclusion of more serious topics, spontenaity, videos shown
  • What could be improved? Too much crowd control? Glow sticks were thrown, sophomore and freshman activity, transitions to serious topics, wristbands, teachers encouraging students to leave, more anticipation, music cut too early
  • Suggestions: sit with grades, planting enthusiastic people in each row, turn down lights for glowsticks, mount projector differently so that people don’t constantly walk in front of it, music while classes are walking in, better buildup to UNITY assembly, more performances, more Buzz!
  • Shoutouts & Thank You’s! Amber: organized Calvin Harris, junior & senior dances, got costume for Buzz, MC’d assembly Ms. Phillips: organized logistics, schedule, and teachers Winston: junior dance team choreography Angie, Emara, Elias: made videos Jesus: distributing glow stick bracelets

ASB EXEC TEAM Ideas for a Teacher Thankfulness

  • event before Thanksgiving?
  • “Nice Notes” through Google Survey Possible Teacher thank you dinner before end of first semester
  • Nominating Teachers for awards/superlatives Give each teacher an apple and a balloon, or muffins and coffee?
  • Teacher pancake breakfast on a Staff Development Day? Bagels and cream cheese? Sandwiches? Baked goods from home are ok if we’re not selling.
  • Most likely cannot use cafeteria kitchen

Speaker Series 200 students signed up per period (4th and 5th period) for 10/27 CLUV, and later BHS Stop Harassing

Coin Drive for Hurricane Matthew Sponsored by B.I.O.N.I.C Club

  • Money goes to UNICEF to help mothers and children Assignment completed: BHS Leadership Progress Chart



Lead by Simelia and Melissa, Co-Commissioners of Multicultural Affairs

Warm Up: Rose and Thorn of changing tradition

Multicultural Winter Fair

  • Around holiday time, afterschool? Evening? Weekend?
  • Clubs and student groups sell goods: foods, cards, etc.
  • BUSD Restrictions on selling food? Educational component TBD Possible collaboration with BIHS leadership Parental contribution? Time, money or goods to sell?
  • Host a lunch with Teachers of Color Network

Announcement by Cole CASC (CA Association of Student Councils)

  • Region President Conference in San Mateo on 10/14
  • Focus on leadership skills, networking with other ASBs Work with real legislators
  • Any team member can come
  • BIHS Kids: Get CAS Hours!
  • Email
  • Costs possibly covered by BHS ($30/person), no chaperones or transportation


  • Periods will be 45 mins, assembly is 6th period, attending with sixth period.
  • Every student needs wristbands to enter assembly.
  • Help out Mr. V. afterschool in the Leadership office
  • Need fashion models for the spirit days!
  • Bring canned goods to Mr. V. Motion to pay invoice for FanCloth Sustained



Led by Annie and Athena, Commissioner of Arts and Health Commissioner of Health/Health Fair

Health Workshops for mental health? Nutrition and sugar? During health fair?

  • Resources on how to make healthy, cheap food decisions; mental health crises
  • Work with the Health Center to present to freshman classes (on nutrition, mental health, etc.)
  • More people need to sign up for free and reduced lunch to keep the program alive
  • Understaffed health center is a problem
  • Post list of free resources in every class?

Speaker Series: speaker on disparities in health care and education along race and class lines, possibly during national mental health week

Commissioner of Arts

  • Speaker series: speaker on making a living off of art

Unity Week

  • Decorations for Unity Week: contact Annie UNITY WEEK UPDATE Spirit points
  • Class competitions starting Monday
  • Dressing up: students approach booth at lunch, leadership takes down ID#
  • 600pts for 400 people participating, less for less people
  • Competitions: Clubs are hosting activities; First place: 100pts, less for every other place
  • Cleanliness: 600 pts for first place
  • Food drive: additional points
  • Attending varsity football games on 10/14 and 10/21 Senior Royalty
  • Seniors nominated at Senior Sunrise
  • 1 winner from each smaller small school and possible IS, 2 winners from IB and AC, also Miss/Mr. Newcomer
  • Gender does not matter
  • Vote in box at Leadership office Assembly
  • Fashion Show to show what you can wear on each spirit day
  • Assembly is 10/14 from 2 to 3:30, with shortened class periods
  • Competition at assembly; Seniors: dance, sophomores: video, juniors: dance, freshman: ?



Led by Zoey and Sarah, Chief of Service and Chief of Clubs

Warm Up: Rock, Paper, Scissors Battle

Holiday Meal Searching for Members for a Committee: decorations, checking food bins, community service hours

  • Food drive will be part of Unity Week competition
  • Contact Zoey Horowitz for more information Unity Week Update
  • Competition between classes for Unity Cup and prizes Clubs hosting events as competitions
  • Working on point system: awarded for winning competitions, participation, cleanliness
  • How can we quantify participation?

Class team days: Tye-dye Tuesday? Wilderness Wednesday? Flag Day Thursday? Senior days: Decades Day?

KMEL will be at BHS at lunch on 10/21 Giant UNITY/etc. posters!

Help Mr. V. make more this week after school.

Homecoming Football Game: 10/14 Pink-Out Football Game: 10/21

Split into Class and Exec Teams

ASB Speaker Series First presentation by CLUV on 10/27 Second and fifth period?

  • Target teachers to take their classes

Setting Priorities High vs. Low priority High vs. Low urgency

  • If you’re overwhelmed, make a grid/chart

Open Mike: Friday 9/30 in A05 at 4pm

  • Sign up in the Leadership Office

Turn in SMART GOALS Assignment ASAP!

NEXT MEETINGS: 10/3 Morning- Class Team 10/4 Lunch- Exec Team 10/17 Morning- All Leadership


Led by Laelah and Solomon, Sophomore P and VP

Goals for Sophomore Leadership:
• Respect, Step Up Step Back
• Communication with the ASB team

Sophomore Leadership Events:
• 1 Fun Event- Dance (Winter Ball?)
• All classes? Some sort of nighttime event? Important to get student feedback. Movie night? Tailgate party? (PTSA suggestion) Fundraising through food? Movie screen on the goal post?
• 1 Event related to events of 12/9 of last year to continue the conversation
• All school assembly? Speaker series? Discussions in humanities classes? Worksheets? Afterschool safe space?

Update on Grant for Soundsystem:
• Picking out speakers at Guitar Center

New: Money and Leadership
• Leadership is responsible for club money and fundraising

• New for next year: make a budget in the spring for the following year
• Change in policy/bank for leadership and clubs?

Business Items:
• Volunteer at Back to School Night 9/22! Extra credit for missed meetings.
• Unity Week: class teams are brainstorming theme days now

Next meeting: ALL LEADERSHIP Monday 9/26 at 8:30 in the BHS library

Homework: SMART Goals due 9/23!

Find it here:
2016-17 Leadership Manual


Lead by: Amber and Aiden

Welcome Week (next week)

  • Assembly, club fair, class team events
  • Leadership is hosting assembly (split into two for half of the school each)
  • Class teams: submit your plans by Friday
  • Club fair permission slips available in Leadership Office

Leadership Ambassadors

  • This year, each Leadership student will be assigned 2 teachers to whom they will give info

Raising School Spirit Around Athletics

  • Attention towards sports that aren’t football and basketball
  • Creation of Sports Calendar, to be hung visibly at school
  • Award for teams with a good record- poster on c-building?
  • Halftime performances
  • Leadership members attending games, leading activities; some sort of presence
  • Commentators! Commissioners of Publicity?
  • Themed games like in Baseball (Yoga Night, Star Trek Night, etc.)
  • T shirt cannon
  • Dancing in the stands?
  • There’s a Fan Club to support athletics, join it!

Unity Week (Oct. 14-21) Assembly Agenda

  • Assembly on Friday before the week, red and gold, with pink-out the next Friday
  • Opening Magical Unique Disorienting Event
  • Video from past rallies, hype video
  • Glow in the dark sticks, classes sit together
  • Class competition- food drive related? Relay race with cans?

Additional Unity Week Activities

  • Powderpuff game
  • Every class team has an event, points for winning and dressing up
  • Spirit points to win trophy in Mr. V. s office. Another prize besides trophy- discount on football game?
  • Theme days tbd by class teams


Leadership team profiles for office

  • Name, position, grade, SLC, fun facts

Group Agreements for Team Collaboration

  • Step Up/ Step Back
  • Snap to agree, rather than repeating
  • “Yes, AND….”
  • Subject to revision

NEW: Each deputy/commissioner will facilitate an ASB Exec meeting

  • 2 members of exec or senate plan meeting specific to position– see Meeting Schedule in Leadership Manual for assigned date
  • Must submit agenda to Mr. V. the Friday beforehand
  • Required: Activity, points, next steps/assign roles, voting procedure
  • “Focus” on meeting schedule refers to Mr. V.’s focus, not that of facilitators
  • First semester only
NEW: Voting procedure to be introduced this year
  • Votes for statements, activities, spending money
  • Secretary lists motion, name of proposer, results
  • Policy/ Statement requires 2/3 majority
  • Anything else: simple majority

Leadership as a Class (10 Credits/yr)

  • Leadership is a course, and all usual policies apply, e.g. meeting attendance will result in point loss
  • Curriculum will incorporated into meetings
  • 3 Assignments per semester: due by semester end, but turns into a zero after “due date” listed
  • Make up points (assignments/missed meetings) with extra credit in Leadership Manual
  • Drop period: cannot drop class after period is over

Decorations for First Day of School

  • chalk, streamers, poster-making supplies
  • No KMEL at lunch, but Miles K. will DJ
  • Music played at lunch and possibly passing period

NEW: Lunchtime meetings in A101, not Conference Room B!

Next Executive meeting: 9/6, facilitated by Chief of Social Activities and Comm. of Athletics. No meeting tomorrow (8/30).