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Led by Camille and Angie, Senior Class P & VP
  • Warmup: Sing Off, à la Pitch Perfect 
Goals for Senior Leadership Team
  • Teambuilding, trust within team
  • Present school with additional educational opportunities; similar to proposed ASB Speaker series: clubs invite speakers in once a month as assemblies teachers can choose to attend
Leadership Syllabus
  • Dates for adding and dropping classes
S.M.A.R.T. Goals Assignment 
  • Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, Timeframe/ Deadline
  • Due Friday, September 23
  • Set a long-term goal in this manner, follow up in the spring
  • Goal must serve other people in some way, leadership-related (e.g. improve public speaking skills, plan successful program)
  • PDF in Leadership Manual
PTSA Lunch Invitation: this Thursday
  • 20-25 Leadership Students
  • Ask Mr. V. for more info
Leadership Team Recieved a Grant!
  • $6500 for portable wireless audio system to be used at games and dances, on senior steps
  • From BHS Development Group
Split-Off into groups: ASB
Welcome Assembly
  • Review of Julia and Abby’s Speech and message
Voted for Unity Week Preview Video Music