Student Clubs

Student Club Information

Click the following link in order to view the list of BHS Student Clubs. This list is updated monthly.

To fix any mistakes, please email Sarah B., Chief of Clubs, at student email or Mr. V


Current Student Clubs

 List of BHS Student Clubs


Create/Renew a Student Club

If you would like to start a new club, please click the following link and submit your registration online. It will take 1-2 weeks to process the club registration. The deadline to create a new club is the end of the first semester.

Form – club registration 16.17 (Basic Club Information) – Completed Annually

Sample Club Constitution 16-17 (Guidelines for membership and structure of club) – Completed Once and Updated annually

Budget Worksheet with example – Completed Annually

Upcoming Club Events

Registered clubs can sign up with Mr. V to be a part of these club events:

Early December: Tentative Club cultural event

February 1: Spring Meet n’ Greet

Early March: Spring Club Fair

May: Tentative Club event


In 2016-17, clubs will need to create a CONSTITUTION and submit a REGISTRATION FORM.

Please use the electronic forms above as a template.

BHS Student Club Handbook

Please click here to access the BHS Club Handbook.

or click here to download the most recent version.


Student Club Guidelines

Memorandum of Understanding between the Associated Student Body and the proposed club/organization

Your application will be approved or not approved by a majority vote of the ASB officers in their next meeting following submission of this completed form. To confirm the decision club/organization representatives should contact the Director of Student Activities.

Student clubs should review the Fundraising presentation to get a better idea of how to raise money on campus. Student Clubs are also expected to observe guidelines as outlined in the Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) , which can be found online. The mission of the Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team is to help California’s local educational agencies fulfill their financial and management responsibilities by providing fiscal advice, management assistance, training and other related school business service

Please also refer to the Money Handling presentation to learn about how to appropriately deposit funds at BHS.

Upon approval . . .

* the faculty sponsor agrees to take responsibility for the supervision of students at club/organization activities.

  • The club/organization submits a Club Constitution that outlines the structure of the club and the process for membership.
  • the club/organization can conduct events only with approval of the Director of Student Activities. Forms for use of campus spaces are available at the front desk or in the Leadership Office.
  • the club/organization is required to create an account with the BHS Bookkeeper for any deposits and savings.
  • the club/organization is required to send representatives to meetings where their presence is called upon by the ASB Chief of Clubs and Organizations or the Director of Student Activities.
  • the members of the club/organization must operate within school rules, district guidelines, and the state educational code.Any violation can result in suspension or revocation of the club/organization registration and activities.