Link Crew

The Link Leaders consist of a pair junior and/or senior mentors for a group of 10-16 freshman. We currently have over 120 Link Leaders serving for our inaugural 2015-16 group. Link Leaders receive training and support from staff supervisors of the program.

Staff Supervisors of the Link Crew program:

From the website,, here are its main aspects:

Link Crew is a year long transition program with four components that contribute to its success:

  • High School Orientation – Link Leaders and freshmen start building the mentor relationship and freshmen receive information about how to be successful in high school
  • Academic Follow Ups – Link Leaders support freshman academic success and character development through structured classroom visits
  • Social Follow Ups – Link Leaders and freshmen connect outside the classroom at social events to increase student engagement, and promote positive school climate
  • Leader Initiated Contacts – Link Leaders connect with their freshmen on a more individual basis

Two natural by-products of Link Crew are a strong sense of character development and the emergence of an anti-bullying environment. Because students are more connected to each other, involved in their school and empowered to make a difference, they develop empathy, a respect for others and the courage to stand up for and take care of fellow students.