Overall Unity Week Unity Week celebrates the passion, purpose, and pride of our big RED & GOLD family.

Keep your fashion classy! In the absence of an official dress code, we ask for students to cover parts of your body that are normally covered at school. Please no weapon-like items and no masks. Be culturally aware of the impact of your fashion choices to be a proud ambassador of JACKET PRIDE to the community.

2nd Period Classroom Spirit Competition Hey teachers, please take a tally of the number of students in your class dressed in today’s theme. We highly encourage 2nd period classes to continue collected canned soups, beans, vegetables or pasta for the annual Holiday Meal. There will be prizes for the top 3 classes for greatest participation in these activities and a raffle for a fourth class to win.

On Thursday 10/19, teachers please submit any collected food and the dress tally sheet to the leadership office to the leadership office at lunch or after school. Thank you for your participation. Winners announced tomorrow!

On Friday 10/19, here are the winners of the 2nd period contest…Also, don’t forget to take a class photo and submit for the most spirit class photo contest. Thank you for building community and spirit!

10/13 Friday – Show of Unity assembly – Jacket Gear Fellow Yellow Jackets, October is the Show of Unity. To get into the unifying spirit, wear anything that has BHS or Berkeley High School on it aka “Jacket Gear”. See you in the theater in the afternoon for an amazing show!
10/16 Monday hosted by Freshman – Pajama Day On Monday, jam out in your jammies. Folks, we’re talking about PJ’s, so please keep the lingerie or boxer short-style sleepwear in the closet. Please cover parts of your body that are normally covered at school. See you at the Pajama Jammy Jam Fashion Show for giveaways and games on the Community Theater Steps (BCT) at lunch. Class of 2021, be on the lookout for events hosted by the Freshman Class Leadership team and Link Leaders this day!
10/17 Tuesday hosted by Sophomores – Superhero Day Who is your superhero? Superman, Wonder Woman, Luke Cage, or maybe members of your family, friends, or teacher. On Tuesday, we ask you to to celebrate, in fashion, those superheroes who you believe help bring out the good each day. Please remember that no masks can be worn on campus and to keep any weapon-like items at home.
10/18 Wednesday hosted by Juniors – West Coast Wednesday On Wednesday, represent the diverse cultures of the West Coast. From music to food, lifestyle to fashion, we have a lot to be proud of here on the left coast. Think Tupac, E-40, Burrito, avocado, Surfing, Thrifting. Hope to see you in the courtyard for games and soaking in the good vibes of fall time in the Bay Area. Remember no swimwear and please cover parts of your body that are normally covered at school.
10/19 Thursday hosted by Seniors – Decades Day (60s Fresh, 70s Soph, 80s Junior, 90s/00s Senior) On Thursday, there will be four decades of amazing fashion. Shoulder pads, flashy neon, big hair, acid wash jeans, gold jewelry, hi top fades, hi top sneakers among many totally radical choices. Freshman – 1960’s, Sophomore – 1970’s, Junior – 1980’s, Senior – 1990’s/2000’s. See you on the BCT steps at lunch for great music, games, and photos. Also, come join the thousands of dancers at 12:10 to for the largest group Cha Cha Slide ever attempted. Everybody, clap your hands!
10/20 Friday hosted by ASB – Red & Gold Day On our final day of Unity Week, let’s come together as one, big “uni-team” by wearing the school colors of Red and Gold. Just like the rest of the week, please make sure to keep your clothing school appropriate. Cover parts of your body that are normally covered at school. See you at the campus green for music and fun hosted by 106 KMEL.