Winter Ball is Coming!

Winter Ball is coming! Show up and show out at Berkeley High’s Winter Wonderland on Friday, February 3. This dance is for everyone to come and SLAYYY. Tickets go on sale January 11 and are available for purchase in the leadership office. Food and Entertainment will be provided!
We are also looking for student performers. If you are interested email


Dear Parents/Guardians/Staff,
We need about 10 to 12 chaperones for our winter formal on Friday, February 3from 7:00-10:00pm to monitor students and entry/exit ways during the dance. If you’re interested in helping please contact Kendra Bowman ( or John Villavincencio ( Food and drink donations would also be extremely helpful! (Chips, popcorn, fruit trays, soda, water, etc) Please bring anything you’d like to donate to the leadership office inside of the school cafeteria. It would mean a lot to us if you could come out to help and we would appreciate your support!
Thank you so much,
The Winter Ball Committee




Volunteer Opportunity: E1 Campaign

YES on E1 for the Berkeley Schools will benefit all students directly from the BSEP funding. If you are interested in helping campaign, below are some options for you!
There will be an info booth and reading area at Sunday Streets this weekend on Shattuck near north Berkeley from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. All are welcome to stop by!
They canvass neighborhoods on Saturdays (10/29 and 11/5), starting at 10:00 a.m. convening at E1 headquarters (1201 University  Ave.) for a quick training and to give out materials. Students could pair up and walk neighborhoods!
They plan on rallying voters (holding signs and cheering) on:
Monday, November 7th4 to 6 p.m. in the Marin Circle
Tuesday, November 8th4 to 6 pm. at North Berkeley, Downtown Berkeley, & Ashby BART stations.
Students could also write an article for the Jacket or letter to the editor or the Berkeley Times (their deadline is 10/28).
If you are interested please contact


BUSD Board Seeking Reps for Youth Commission

The BUSD Board of Education is currently seeking individuals interested in representing Board Members on the Youth Commission to fill immediate vacancies. Youth Commissioners must be residents of the city, between the ages of 12-25, and at least half must be junior or high school students. The School Board Directors are responsible for appointing 9 of the 18 commissioners. Additional information and applications are available on the associated pages from the City of Berkeley linked below.

If your desire is to represent a School Board Director on the Youth Commission, return the attached application directly to:

BUSD Office of the Superintendent – 2020 Bonar Street Berkeley, CA 94702 or

Support BHS through Sports Basement

The end of the school year is drawing close and Sports Basement would like to remind your families that your Basementeer discount is good year-round and at all Sports Basement locations, even during the break. Please send one last reminder to your families!


Don’t forget! 10% off at Sports Basement, and 10% of profits back to our local schools like Berkeley High School. Even during summer break! Are you a Basementeer? Sign up in-store!

BHS Prom 2016

Saturday night, April 16th was Berkeley High’s Senior Prom 2016, at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Oakland.

PromPosals are a fun tradition at Berkeley High, that run from simple to to a cast of a dozen, and they all draw big audiences. Three are included in this post. Photos from Prom are included as well.


BHS 2016 PromPosal Photos:


Berkeley High Senior Prom 2016 Photos Part One:


Berkeley High Senior Prom 2016 Photos Part Two:

What is Leadership?

By Ceara Schreibstein

As a leader of Berkeley High I define leadership as people coming together to effect change or put something into effect and to encourage others and be a role model for them. It takes persistence, open-mindedness and the willingness to work with others. This year as a leader I have experienced a team of people (member’s of Berkeley High’s class of 2019) that had never worked together before come together to share ideas and experiences in order to plan events and make Berkley High a better experience for everyone. Through this, I have seen some failures, but I have also recognized the come back from these in which people step up more as leaders to try to perfect their ideas and gain insight for the future. This year freshman leadership worked on planning a tropical dance for the freshman and sophomore classes to attend. Unfortunately, after a few weeks of getting the dance together, we realized that there was not going to be enough attendees to make it a fun unifying event for students. While this was a setback, I think this happened because the dance was not publicized enough, and possibly not appealing to a wide range of people. However, right away during the freshman meetings, we began planning a new event that would be appealing for more people and still fulfill our ultimate job as leaders at Berkeley High, to create a safe, fun and unified place for all students. Ideas or dreams not becoming a reality is something everyone encounters throughout their lives. That does not make you a failure unless you stop trying to come up with new ideas. The second you get back up and try a new idea with the resources you have, you have empowered yourself to become a leader. In the future, I will use this experience to pick myself up and endure if something goes wrong.  Strong leaders are the people that allow things to happen behind the scenes in order to produce a smooth product, and we encourage everyone to be leaders.  

What Leadership is to Me

By Anonymous


As a leader at Berkeley High, I define leadership as many things. To me, leadership is the ability to share your visions and the visions of those around you towards a greater good. A true leader takes into account the opinions of those around them, and looks out the majority over themselves. At Berkeley High, leadership is the connection between the student body and administration. Leadership is the ability to influence the people around you.

This was quite a year for me when it came to leadership. Being a leader is no easy task. There are so many ways a leader could be leading people or groups incorrectly or poorly. I personally have experienced this with one of the clubs I participate in where we had many issues regarding leadership roles. People are too often power hunger and one of the main good leadership qualities is to listen to others inputs and make decision that positively affect those around you, even when you are hindered. To be a good leader, you need to be honest and transparent about the decisions you are making.

Being on leadership during the November Hate Crime and the issues regarding racism at our school was difficult. As leaders of our school, we knew we needed to help, but we didn’t know to what extent. Many meetings happened discussing race, possible solutions, boundaries, frustrations and much more. Unfortunately, leadership at BHS, similar to the rest of the world, is predominantly white. That is something that needs change. Leadership should be about discussing issues with a diverse community so all voices are heard. In the future, I will try to diversify leadership roles in all possible aspects.

I have gained so much through my experiences as a leader and have learned a lot about people and how and how not to treat people. Like I stated earlier, leadership is not an easy task, yet it most definitely a rewarding task.